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Assistive Tech Lending Library

Available Devices

Apple iPod Touch (128GB) -Space Gray (Latest Model)

Apple iPod Touch (128GB) -Space Gray (Latest Model)

  • 4-Inch Retina display
  • Your favorite music, gaming, and AR apps in your pocket
  • A10 Fusion chip for up to 2x faster performance, Up to 3x faster graphics
  • Group FaceTime with family and friends
  • Connect using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
C-Pen Reader

C-Pen Reader

  • Hear individual words and lines of text read aloud. Completely self-contained, NO computer or Wi-Fi required to use reading function
  • Multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions including the Oxford Primary Dictionary
  • Scans in multiple English accents and languages, including French and Spanish, Record audio to review later, helping people with a limited working memory
  • Optionally scan and transfer text to PC or Mac, directly via USB or from the 8GB storage, with no additional software required
  • Package includes ReaderPen, carry case, USB cable, instruction manual, and earphones
TeleStik Magnetic Reacher

TeleStik Magnetic Reacher

  • Combo pack includes: AD3000 and MA4000 Reachers with hook feature
  • Both reachers feature extraordinary powerful magnet that allows you to pick up most metal items up to one pound
  • Adhesive disk that allows you to pick up items as heavy as one pound
  • Hook feature enables you to hook, pull or drag items
  • Soft slip-resistant PVC grip is approximately 1/2″in diameter
BeHear Now Wireless TV Headphones, Personalized Sound for TV Watching, w/Bluetooth Long Range Transmitter, aptX Low Latency

BeHear Now Wireless TV Headphones

  • Personalized Sound for TV Watching, w/Bluetooth Long Range Transmitter, aptX Low Latency
  • Sound customized for you
  • Hear without interruption or distraction
  • Long-term comfort
  • Easy set-up
  • Watch TV and stay connected
Liftware Level Starter Kit for Limited Hand and arm Mobility

Liftware Level Starter Kit for Limited Hand and arm Mobility

  • Level helps people with mobility issues eat more easily. It automatically keeps a utensil at the angle needed to enjoy any meal. Level is designed to accommodate limited hand and arm mobility that may be related to conditions like cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and post-stroke deficits.
  • The Liftware Level Starter Kit includes the leveling handle and the soup spoon attachment.
  • The leveling handle includes built-in sensors, a computer, and motors that help to sense and counteract unwanted motions.
  • The included soup spoon attachment connects to the stabilizing handle to pick up food such as soups, cereals and other liquids. The soup spoon attachment holds about 1 tablespoon (15mL) of liquid.
  • Travel pouch, hand straip and charger included. Other attachments (fork attachment) sold separately.
NovaChat® 10 Classic AAC Device

NovaChat® 10 Classic AAC Device

  • Measures 10.4″ L x 9.3″ W x 1.8″ D, with handle
  • Weighs 2.4 lbs.
  • 9.7″, 2048 x 1536 pixel display
  • Fully-adjustable stand allows for a wide range of angles that stay in place
  • Comes with the widely popular Chat software on an Android™ platform for familiar use
GRIP Solutions, Grip Lap Board, 11" x 14", Black

GRIP Solutions Grip Lap Board

  • Black, 11″ x 14″
  • Texture: Pebble
  • Non-slip multi-use pad useful for transporting a variety of items and preventing spills
  • A stable platform with non-slip material on both sides
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe
Williams Sound PKT D1 H26 Pocketalker Ultra

Williams Sound PKT D1 H26 Pocketalker Ultra

  • Rear-wear Headphone
  • 200 hours of battery life, Adjustable tone and volume control
  • Accommodates a variety of earphone and headphone options
  • Use with neckloops and telecoil-equipped hearing aids
  • Amplifies sound for better understanding
  • Includes: (1) PKT D1 amplifier, (1) HED 026 rear-wear headphone, (1) BAT 010-2 two AAA alkaline batteries, (1) WCA 007 extension cord, (1) MIC 014 microphone and (1) RCS 003 lanyard

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