Welcome to The Freedom Center

The Freedom Center is a nonprofit organization committed to providing a wide array of services to assist individuals with disabilities to live independently, pursue meaningful goals, and have the same opportunities and choices as all persons. The mission is to offer services and supports to empower people with disabilities to lead self-directed, independent, and productive lives in a barrier-free community.


The Freedom Center, Advocacy, Peer Counseling and Independent Living Skills Training   Services That We Provide

Peer Counseling
Independent Living Skills Training
Information and Referral
Transition Services



The Freedom Center believes that persons with disabilities have the right to:

  • Live as independently as their abilities allow
  • Receive services based on need
  • Have the same access to opportunities as all persons
  • Exercise self-determination
  • Access to programs which maximize their potential
  • Integration in the community
  • Employment which enhances their feeling of self worth and financial independence
  • A guarantee of constitutional and human rights
  • Choose available options and receive assistance toward independence

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